Here at The Wild Awakening, the focus is not on fixing. You aren't broken, and you don't need to be fixed! The emphasis is on INTEGRATION and WHOLENESS, so you can live with a greater sense of well-being and freedom.

Take a peek at available courses and notice which one you feel drawn to first. Or, purchase a bundle to receive sweet discounts and guarantee access to currently featured programs, even if they are discontinued or made more exclusive later on. Either way, you'll have lifetime access to all courses you purchase and you can complete each one at your own pace.

"I now have a deeper understanding about some personal issues in my relationships that plagued me for YEARS, and I feel so much more at home in my body. I believe it's because of this that I recently attracted a relationship with a loving partner who supports my growth and accepts me for who I really am."

- Jessica

"After seeing my therapist for years and being resistant to the idea of getting deeper into what she called shadow work (I didn't know what it was at the time), I came across Luci's work and worked with both my therapist and Luci personally to get to heal big childhood trauma that was impacting basically everything in my life. Doing this work has liberated me in every way imaginable. My marriage is more connected and passionate than ever, I'm a more present and happy mother, and my business is growing without chaos and drama. Now that these practices are in an online course that costs WAY less than what I paid for 1:1 coaching with Luci, I say it's a no brainer to give it a try!"