Let Go With An Open Heart.

When we hear the words "break up" or "divorce," many of us see images of chaotic, traumatic relationship endings.

Unresolved issues.

Hidden truths.

Unaddressed wounds.

Harbored resentments.

All of which are carried and projected onto the next relationship, perhaps repeating the same cycle. But what if, as painful as a break-up inevitably feels, it didn't have to be ugly? What if you could not only let go with Love, but genuinely celebrate each other as you go your separate ways?

When our own process of uncoupling began abruptly after 17 years of marriage and our happiest month of marriage yet, we both felt blindsided and disoriented by the harsh reality of separation and divorce. Even knowing deep down that setting each other free was the best decision, this didn't make it feel any less heart-shattering.

Having built a whole life together and grown through so much as a couple, we knew it wouldn't be as simple as suddenly packing some bags and saying goodbye. At least, not if we wanted to truly process, grieve, and recalibrate amidst such a massive life change. Not only for our own Hearts' healing, but also our kids'.

Through allowing space for both the gut-wrenching and beautiful parts of uncoupling, we've experienced a deep healing between us that's made it possible to experience individual sovereignty and interdependence, as friends and co-parents.

After many requests from couples who are separating and seeking guidance, this workshop was created for those who want to navigate this process in a way that supports deeper healing.

Live workshop was held on February 7th, 2024. The replay is now available immediately upon registering below.

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*Honoring the Relationship

*Navigating Emotions

*Practicing Open-Hearted Communication

*Defining New Boundaries

*Redefining the Relationship

*The Gradual Untethering

*Uncoupling Rituals & Ceremony

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