21 Days to a More Wildly Connected Relationship

Every relationship goes through seasons, peaks, and valleys. Life may have taken you on a different path than you’d anticipated, creating a sense of staleness and monotony in your relationship—particularly your intimate life.

Fortunately, you’re not stuck there.

Not only is this kind of “rut” workable if you’re open and willing, it can actually be a powerful catalyst to an entirely new chapter in your relationship…one that’s even juicier than the honeymoon stage of your relationship.

In our 16+ years of marriage, Ryan and I have experienced many energetic dips and seasons of erotic disconnection, whether due to chronic pain, life stress, or mental health. Each time, we've rebirthed into an expansive new chapter of our erotic intimacy and sacred union. We're no strangers to putting erotic imagination to powerful use, even in the midst of raising four kids!

The daily challenges I'll be sharing here include many of the practices and insights we've discovered + embodied throughout the past several years of our relationship. If you're ready to rediscover each other and reignite the Erotic aliveness through simple daily practices you can do amidst a busy schedule, you won't want to miss this 21-day challenge!

Restore Erotic Connection

Discover what's really getting in the way of experiencing Erotic connection within your relationship, and begin practicing new ways to restore that connection.

Experience Deeper Intimacy

Get a glimpse into what the next level of emotional intimacy may look like for you and your partner, beyond your current limitations and assumptions.

Rediscover Erotic Playfulness

Bored in the bedroom, predictably doing the same thing? Remember what magnetized you to each other in the first place while creating an all-new sense of anticipation and erotic playfulness.

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How does the challenge work?

Each day, you'll see a new daily prompt when you log in sharing that day's challenge. All members are also invited to a private community (hosted on Facebook) dedicated to participants of the Rewilding Lovers challenge. Here, you can share about your experience with the daily challenges and ask questions, as well as watch any additional live videos I may share exclusively in our private community.

What happens after the challenge is over?

At the end of the 21 days, all 21 challenges will remain within your course log-in, and you can revisit them as many times as you'd like! You'll also remain a member of our private community, where you can stay connected with other couples who are completing or have completed the challenge.

Does this challenge involve any live calls?

There are no live calls planned for this challenge; however, there will be live videos shared in our private community.

I have a pretty full daily schedule. How much of a time commitment is this challenge?

I hear you, and I get it! I recommend allotting around 5 minutes each day to listen to that day's challenge details, and 20-30 minutes to complete the day's challenge.