Awaken your sexual energy to energize your body, focus your mind, & supercharge your day

In as little as 5-15 minutes a day, even if you have a super busy life!

Do you supercharge your day with your sexual energy?

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Hey, I'm Luci, founder of PSSY PWRD and creator of PSSY PWRD Mornings. Several years ago, I hit what felt like a sudden rock bottom. In the midst of my husband's 2.5 year depression and disability, I developed an autoimmune disorder that had me feeling trapped in my own body. As the primary breadwinner for our family of 6 (two of whom were just babies at the time!), I felt completely overwhelmed, stuck, and lost.

I'd always managed to cope with life frustrations by focusing on my work and avoiding the deeper, uncomfortable issues (we're talking decades of sweeping things under the rug), but this time it felt like something just...broke. It felt like life was breaking me. 

Desperate for some relief, I obsessively sought new solutions, because my coping strategies were no longer working. Something had to change, either in my circumstances or WITHIN ME. After finally admitting to myself that the circumstances were out of my control, I painstakingly chose the latter.

It was time to "face my demons." To be honest, I had no fucking clue how to actually do that. But I was determined, and whatever new, scary thing that was out there HAD to be better than my current reality.

Bit by bit, I discovered the powerful practices and tools that brought me to a place of not only experiencing deep healing from childhood traumas and transforming my marriage & family, but also to a personal transformation and rediscovery.

Where there was once SO much self-doubt, self-criticism, and lack of confidence, I began to feel a deep self-trust, magnetism, and unapologetic confidence.

As I dove deeper into my sexual healingshadow work, and inner child healing, I slowly began working through the MANY layers of unresolved pain, unprocessed trauma, unrealistic expectations, and societal conditioning...finally getting a taste of this freedom to be ME, unashamedly.

Wanna know the #1 thing that's CONSISTENTLY helped me create space for this transformation to unfold?


From a practical, logical perspective, having a morning routine helped me clear my head before taking on my day, which helped me keep my cool around my family, and empowered me to be more productive with work. But it did SO much more than that for me.

Looking back, starting a morning routine was the best thing I could've done for myself, and the biggest thing I thank my past self for committing to. As I continued showing up for myself consistently, day after day, even when I didn't feel like it...I began to trust myself more. I began to take the risks that catapulted me into more transformation and healing. I began to feel more inspired and creative. I started writing music again. I began to learn the difference between MY inner voice and the voice of fear & doubt.

Too Good To Be True?

I would've thought so, too. But...not only is there substantial evidence and research on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual impact of having a morning routine, for a while, I coached mom entrepreneurs exclusively on morning routines with great success. 

Women shifted from feeling totally overwhelmed by the tasks on their to-do lists and family responsibilities with no time for self-care, to feeling like they had time and energy to spare. If that sounds like something YOU'D love to on, Queen.


  • Waking up already feeling stressed, pressured, or "behind" in your day
  • Spending the first waking moments of your day scrolling mindlessly instead of getting your day started
  • Struggling with energy throughout your day
  • Lacking inspiration or that creative spark
  • Immediately tending to your family's needs upon waking up
  • Feeling unmotivated to do regular daily tasks

*This program is not intended to treat or diagnose medical conditions. Please seek medical support and guidance for any health concerns you may have.


  • Rediscover yourself and reconnect with your heart's desires
  • Feel excited about your day
  • Wake up with a renewed sense of purpose
  • Feel more inspired and creative
  • Feel energized and empowered to take on your day
  • Be a more present, patient, compassionate woman, wife, and mother
  • Create unprecedented confidence and self-trust

I invite you to access PSSY PWRD Mornings today!

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What Makes This Program Unique?

PSSY PWRD Mornings combines effective, unorthodox practices you won't find in a typical morning routine how-to blog.

PSSY PWRD is all about providing a supportive, safe space + holistic, integrative approach to sexual expansion, discovery, and healing. In PSSY PWRD Mornings, you'll learn how to use your morning routine as a catalyst for healing, growth, and self-exploration, physically, mentally, and emotionally. You'll level up your mind-body connection, sensual presence, and overall sense of well-being as you put these key elements into practice.

To provide EXTRA support as you incorporate these powerful practices into your daily life, you'll also receive access to SEVEN alternate versions of the PSSY PWRD Morning:

PSSY PWRD Mornings for Busy Moms

 PSSY PWRD Mornings For EXTRA Busy Mornings

PSSY PWRD Mornings for When You're Away From Home

PSSY PWRD Mornings for When You Wanna Take Your Sweet Time

PSSY PWRD Mornings for When You Literally Have Zero Private Space

PSSY PWRD Mornings for Spiritual Growth & Exploration

PSSY PWRD Mornings for When You're Feeling Under The Weather

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