Redefine & rediscover eroticism through creative seduction. 

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Hey! I’m Luci. For about the first decade of my marriage, I remember having to go through all kinds of mental hurdles and justifications to convince my body to get on board with sex:

“He gives you so much! The least you can do is give him sex.”

“It’s been X number of days, you owe him some.”

“He’s been extra helpful around the house lately. You should reward him.”

I remember giving myself these pep talks. Do any of them sound familiar to you? If so, you're definitely not alone!

I loved my then husband so much, and felt guilty that I didn't want sex more. Taking care of our four kids, working, taking care of things around the house, and squeezing in some self-care time left me feeling pretty apathetic about sex. Plus, I hadn't yet worked through the plethora of sex-negative, pleasure-denying beliefs and conditioning I'd been carrying around, unknowingly.

At the end of the day (literally), we were simply repeated what we’d seen in media, what we could find in some books, what we’d heard from the people around us, and what had previously worked for us. As much as we wanted to be more erotically creativity, there were some core beliefs and views on sex, pleasure, and sexuality keeping us from tapping into that abundant creativity.

Fast forward to today: It’s been brought to my attention that you Lovers want more (and I love it, you insatiable creatures, you!). More on seduction. More on foreplay. More erotic creativity, more play, more explicit details…and I’m gonna give it to you, in this juicy course.

What is Come Closer?

Come Closer is a virtual 5-week course for couples who want to learn how to seduce each other through creative foreplay. Yes, beyond a little bit of 69, oral, and random ass grabs! So if you're hungry for more in your erotic life - more presence, more playfulness, more eroticism - this course is for you.

I'll teach, demonstrate, and guide you through techniques, mindsets, and practices that will level up your foreplay game, in AND out of the actual bedroom.

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A Brief Overview

While the real magic lives in the embodied practice of what you'll be learning in Come Closer, below is a quick overview of the topic we'll be diving into within this course.

Redefine & Rediscover Foreplay


Explore Multi-Faceted, Integral Foreplay


Getting Creatively Hands-On


Navigating The Ebb & Flow Of Desire


Playing Games...Privately and Publicly

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