Reignite & Redefine Your Intimate Life With PLAY

Sex. Passion. Eroticism.

We're led to believe it should come as naturally as breathing...but what if it doesn't? Or even worse, what if it once did, but now you can't seem to get it back? Or perhaps, after years of crushing sexual rejection or vanishing sexual desire, you've given up on the possibility of having the kind of sexual aliveness in your relationship you once dreamt of.

I get it. Life happens. Kids happen. Financial stress happens. Health issues happen. Where does a passionate, love-drunk, soul-fucking reality fit in?

The truth is, IT DOESN'T. Unless you decide to cultivate it.

I know that may be hard to hear, and I get it. This was a hard pill for me to swallow when my husband and I were in the thick of our biggest wake-up call several years ago. At the time, we'd been married for just over a decade, with four kids. The unexpected health issues he faced led to a two and a half year period of depression and disability, couch-ridden and unable to even pick up our baby. Overwhelmed, exhausted, and at the end of my rope taking care of not only our four kids but also my husband AND our financial survival, I developed an autoimmune disorder that led to a hellish 13 months of feeling trapped in my body.

To say that cultivating desire wasn't a priority for me would be an understatement. In fact, I resented having to "give" him sex most of the time, even though he was a generous lover eager to give me what I wanted...which was buried under so many layers of sexual shame, religious programming, and feelings of unworthiness, I was completely out of touch.

He was the overly accommodating nice guy who could never seem to get what he really wanted (to be desired, seen, accepted, hungered for), and I was the cautious, people-pleasing good girl who could never seem to give herself permission to break free from the weight of others' expectations. Both of us struggled FOR OVER A DECADE to please each other, thinking that maybe another sex book or a new position to fuck in would fix what felt broken.

It never did.

What DID begin to radically shift our relationship was courageous vulnerability with each other. The heavy stuff in life began to feel less daunting as we began to share, heal, and explore together, as a team.

And instead of taking sex so seriously, like an impossible puzzle that needed to be solved...we began to PLAY.

Play that helped us access the kind of emotional connection AND erotic excitement we'd been seeking all those years. Play that created space for deep healing. Play that made it feel like it was safe to explore any fantasy, any quirk, any curiosity, together. This is the kind of play I now invite you to explore, within the 25 Days of Play.

If you and your lover want to on.

What is 25 Days of Play?

The 25 Days of Play is a virtual, downloadable guide with 25 Play Challenges to help couples cultivate emotional connection, sexual passion, and a sense of adventure and playfulness in their relationship. Couples are challenged to step outside of their comfort zones while creating their own sense of safety, strengthening their foundation of trust, love, respect, and deep care and communication.

Additionally, the following topics are covered in bite-sized videos that deliver what you need to know right away about:

  • Aftercare
  • Consent & Boundaries
  • Working through sexual disappointment

...and more, PLUS guided practices you can listen to alone or together!

Connect Deeply

Explore new depths of emotional intimacy.

Get Naughty

Experience the thrill of the unknown with your lover.


Re-ignite your sexual spark and create renewed chemistry.


Get silly, curious, and totally weird together!

Begin Your Play Today!


25 Days of Play

Reignite & Redefine Your Intimate Life With PLAY

25 play challenges, downloadable right away, so you can begin your play today!

If You're...

  • Fighting about sex with your lover
  • Feeling dissatisfied or bored with your sex life
  • Wishing sex was exciting again
  • Struggling to feel sexual aliveness, desire, and arousal with your lover
  • Wishing you had the sexual chemistry in your relationship you once had
  • Feeling like great sex is just a thing of the past now

And You Want To...

  • Feel a new depth of sexual aliveness and desire with your lover
  • Feel excited about sex again
  • Feel more intimately connected with your lover
  • Feel like you can't keep your hands off each other again
  • Explore new things in bed with your lover
  • Express your sexuality in fun, healthy ways with your lover
  • Feel like sex is an exciting adventure again, or for the first time

I invite you and your lover to begin YOUR 25 Days of Play today!

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25 Days of Play

Reignite & Redefine Your Intimate Life With PLAY

25 play challenges, downloadable right away, so you can begin your play today!