What form is Goddess ready to take in you?

Your body is a powerful portal to Source. This concept is probably not new to you, as you’ve likely experienced it through meditation, yoga, energy work, or embodiment practices. But what about fitness?

Often, along the spiritual journey, two things tend to happen with fitness. Some leave behind their fitness routines as they heal the trauma that had previously motivated them to work out, and release egoic attachments to their bodies. However, over time, they find themselves feeling less strong and capable physically, in pursuit of transcending the body. 

Others continue doing some form of fitness routine for the health benefit, often in an on-and-off way. However, because they don’t quite know how fitness can add depth to their spiritual journey, the lack of vision leaves them feeling unmotivated and burdened by the thought of a more consistent fitness routine.

Something I’ve come to learn throughout my own spiritual journey is that whatever we do is less about the activity itself, and more about the level of consciousness we bring into it. This expanded my entire experience of what’s possible in the realms of the spiritual + erotic, through the body…through fitness.

What if your fitness routine could be a part of your soulful expansion? What if your fitness routine could fill you with erotic aliveness? What if your fitness routine could help restore the sacredness in the mundane?

If you’re ready to reclaim your physical fitness in a way that serves your soul, your Heart, and your embodiment of Love, this course is likely for you.

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A peek into what we'll be covering in this course...

Sacred Sensual Ritual

Shift your mindset around food, drinks, and supplements from calorie-counting and fixating on macros, to welcoming it all as sacred sacrament.

Inner Wisdom Attunement

Learn to better discern between ego-based impulses and your body's intuitive wisdom, breaking free from wounded patterns in your relationship with food and exercise.

Full-Body Liberation

Experience new depths of self-acceptance and self-love regardless of shape or size, creating internal space for Goddess to take form in your body in a way that's beautifully aligned with who you in spirit and in essence.

Also included are ten uniquely designed energetic activations (AKA workouts, reimagined)!

A combination of unique cardio + strength workouts you can do from home, designed to increase your physical capacity and strength. Portable fitness equipment not included, but can be recommended if you're starting from scratch! These workouts aren't your average sequence of exercises, but intentional and potent energetic + physical activations. Here's a peek at the style of workouts I'll be sharing in this course:

The Aphrodite Series

Workouts to help you drop into your yummy erotic, sensual Goddess energy.

Dark Goddess Series

Workouts to help you descend into the expansive depths of Dark Goddess power and reclamation.

Warrior Queen Series

Workouts to help you embody the strength, resilience, and fire of your inner Divine Warrior Queen.

This course is NOT for you if you're looking for...

  • A "quick fix" for something you perceive to be wrong with your body
  • A program to get you ripped down to very minimal body fat
  • A fitness routine that consumes your entire morning
  • A complex diet to follow
  • Rigid rules to follow

This course IS for you if you're looking for...

  • An integrative approach to fitness that honors your body's process while stretching you beyond your comfort zone
  • An experience of fitness that inspires your eroticism and expands you spiritually
  • A profound sense of self-acceptance and self-trust
  • Deeper healing of wounding around self-image and self-perception
  • Sisterhood with other women who are on their own journeys of growth and liberation

A bit more of my own journey from fitness fan to embodied Goddess

Fitness intrigued me from a young age, with a father who did bodybuilding competitions. I went on to get my science degree in Health and Exercise Science, began training clients, and got into fitness modeling. I expanded my physical limits by getting into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and competing, doing CrossFit and deadlifting nearly twice my bodyweight, and learning to surf and skateboard (some pics below of me in this era).

What I didn’t notice during that time was the growing imbalance in my musculature due to my scoliosis, and what it was costing me to continue going for the next PR. As someone who’s had prominent scoliosis since childhood, one of my legs (to this day) sits a whole inch shorter than the other due to the way my spine curves and tilts one side of my pelvis more upwards. My attachment to having that particular physique was beginning to create issues, and I felt my body call me to make changes.

Fast forward a few years. Along my spiritual journey, there came a point where my fitness activities shifted from the heavy weights and training I'd done for years, to more dance and free-flowing movement, giving my body some breathing space to recalibrate. I relished in being more fully in my Feminine flow, yet over time, began to feel the invitation from my inner Sacred Masculine to deepen my devotion to embodying Love in a different way.

Hellbent on no longer forcing outcomes in my body, obsessing over my perceived bodily imperfections, or indulging my ego's fears, I resisted the idea of integrating a fitness routine again. I began pole dancing and fell in love with it, but after the first year of passionately learning, I faced the same impasse of seeing it as a chore or burdensome workout to show up to, bringing me back to the core obstacles I’d stumbled upon many times before…until I broke through.

The same lessons and expansions in consciousness, self-awareness, and genuine self-love is exactly what I’m thrilled to share with you within this course. Your body is a gift and a vessel, not a burdensome chore. Ready to deepen into this experience through your fitness? Register below for instant access!

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