Give Yourself Permission.

Permission to feel your desire...permission to bring your whole Heart to your unique life experience...permission to explore a newfound erotic expression through sensual embodied dance.

Along my journey, I unexpectedly fell in love with sensual dance and movement. While dance is a part of my daily life now, not that many years ago, I felt embarrassed even dancing in private. So much life force energy was tucked away, hidden beneath layers of shame, self-judgment, and fear. 

Not only did I grow up with scoliosis and medically treated flat feet, I also grew up believing my pleasure was sin, my flesh was unholy, and any sensual movement was an invitation for predatory action. I dreamed of dancing freely, confidently, and expressively...but in my body, it felt unsafe to do so.

But as I went deeper, unraveling the any layers...what was once a source of shame became a source of deep nourishment. What was once a source of judgment became a source of Heart liberation. What was once a source was of self-destruction became a source of powerful creation.

Over the years, I’ve heard so many women with struggles similar to the ones I experienced, leading me to create offerings around conscious self-pleasure, wild feminine embodiment, and more.

Now, I'm excited to bring you a course specifically designed to help you connect with your body's innate sensuality and erotic flow, through dance and movement.

In Holy Vixen, I'll guide you through 30+ specific movements to explore, mix & match, and make your own, so you can establish more solid muscle memory and free-flow with more confidence. In bonus modules releasing mid-April, I'll also guide you through combos that will help you connect more intimately with your Heart and womb.

I'll also be coaching you via teaching videos on embodying your erotic radiance in daily life, accessing your inner Lilith and inner Eve, healing the abandonment wound through embodied movement, and more.

Liberating your erotic expression is a revolutionary act that not only frees your Heart, it activates a powerful remembrance in those who experience your presence. If you’re ready to unlock more of your inner Oracle through sensual dance, pre-register for Holy Vixen.


Guidance on how to move your hips, shoulders, and belly to tap into the deeper feeling you want to express.

Hair, Hands, & Feet

Guidance on how to use your hair, hands, and feet to add a delicate or wild touch to your movement.

Face, Eyes, & Mouth

Guidance on how to express your erotic essence through facial expressions, eyes, and mouth.

This course is NOT for you if you're looking for...

  • Complex choreography that's hard to follow
  • A hardcore fitness program that feels repetitive and rigid
  • Advanced dance techniques that my lead to injury
  • Moves that only athletes can pull off

This course IS for you if you're looking for...

  • Sensual movement you can tap into as often as you’d like for self-love, emotional alchemy, and physical fitness
  • A more profound sense of self-acceptance and self-trust
  • Deeper healing around self-image and self-perception
  • Sisterhood with other women who are on their own journeys of growth and liberation

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