Explore a more expansive expression of the Wild Feminine in you.

In this live workshop, we'll be tapping into various aspects of the Wild Feminine, giving a voice to the parts of your Wild Feminine that have yet to be seen and heard, within the context of sacred sisterhood.

You're encouraged to bring your art, your theatrics, your full spectrum of Feminine feeling, your spicy erotic expression, your playful flirtatiousness...any part of your Wild Feminine that's ready to be liberated in you.

As we begin the workshop, you'll be guided through body + mind+ spirit practices to deepen into your body, open your Heart, and connect with the Heart of the Wild Feminine in you. Then, we are allowing lots of space for YOUR liberated expression, met with full acceptance, love, and appreciation.

If you're ready for a yummy experience of Wild Feminine reclamation, register below to reserve your spot!

This coaching is not available for purchase.