Reclaim your voice and liberate your Truth.

What would it feel and sound like for Goddess to speak through you?

Imagine embodying an audible and vibrationally palpable representation of the Sacred Feminine, in a way that's completely unique to YOU. Wherever you go, Love is felt. Whenever you speak from the deep, resonant place of your womb wisdom and Heart, Truth is recognized. Imagine not only expressing yourself confidently, but on a deeper level, feeling the resonance between your self-expression and your Soul purpose. This might sound like an ideal alternate reality, but it's absolutely possible to experience.

Many of the women I've encountered throughout the years feel disempowered when it comes to speaking their Truth, or even taking up sound space when no one else is around. That was me, too, for much of my life: embarrassed to speak up, afraid to rock the boat too hard, nervous about potentially being seen as self-centered, bitchy, or bossy. Reclaiming my voice and self-expression has been one of the most important parts of my healing journey, making it possible to integrate and truly anchor in the various healing experiences I've had throughout the years. It's really embodies Love and Truth in action, on a daily basis.

In this mini-course, I share more on unlocking the power of your voice and guide you through vocal activations and practices to help you reclaim your voice: physically, energetically, and relationally.

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Exploring Sounds + Tonalities

Healing the sisterhood wound, receiving the gifts of the Sacred Mother, and learning to re-Source ourselves and each other.

Tapping Into Ancestral Energy + Relating Truthfully

Discerning between the fragmented feminine and the Sovereign Feminine, restoring the sacredness of our bleed, and discerning Love over self-sacrifice.

Speaking the Language of Spirit

Reclaiming your voice, expressing your Truth, and standing in your integrity as an embodied woman.

Speaking Truth + Self-Expression

Navigating death portals, reclaiming our Hearts, and surrendering to rebirth.

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