Release sexual shame, unleash your inner wild woman, and reclaim your erotic sovereignty.

Within you is a sacred source of infinite power. A power source you may have been taught is dirty, shameful, or even sinful. A power source many are too timid to directly talk about or explore on their own. A power source that has the potential to bring deep healing, personally and collectively...and that power source is YOUR EROTIC ALIVENESS.

If I could go back to 2012 and tell my past self that the key to expanding in every single area of her life would be erotic liberation, she'd probably blush and awkwardly change the subject. The truth is, for much of my adult life, I was an erotically disengaged woman disconnected from her body with heavy sexual shame and a desensitized vagina. I spent years trying to muscle my way through life and hustle my way to happiness, both professionally as a coach and personally as a mother and wife. 

I hit rock bottom after a series of hardships: filing for bankruptcy, witnessing my partner at the time suffer through disability, and developing an autoimmune disorder that took over my life and made it exponentially harder to provide for my family while we navigated our toughest times yet. However…this rock bottom was also a HUGE gift, and a catalyst for deep healing and erotic liberation.

I realized that for real transformation to happen, I had to completely devote myself to my process, for which there was no blueprint. So I threw out whatever rule book I thought I had to abide by, dove into unorthodox healing modalities, and began letting my intuition lead instead of my previous programming. Over the years, these bold processes and practices have helped hundreds of thousands of women looking for support with sexual healing, restoring their radiance, and returning to their Hearts.

Now, in my Erotic Sovereignty 7-Day Challenge, I'm thrilled to virtually guide you through an experience of erotic remembrance and liberation that can unlock a whole new level of magic in your life, body, relationships, and creativity.

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Day One

Explore more on coming home to your body and opening your Heart to Love.

Day Two

Learn how to start sexual shadow work and begin shedding sexual shame you may be carrying.

Day Three

Discover concepts and practices to help you unlock your voice and speak your truth.

Day Four

Learn more about Wild Feminine energy and how to liberate your inner wild woman.

Day Five

Explore the power of healing through conscious self-pleasure.

Day Six

Explore more on returning to the rhythm of your cycle and connect with your womb through guided journeys.

Day Seven

Begin learning how to activate your erotic energy through embodied sensual movement.

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Awaken your sexual energy to energize your body, focus your mind, and supercharge your day.

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Add guided Heart journeys and healing frequency music to your personal growth and healing journey.

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