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Hey, I’m Luci.

My husband and I have been married since 2006, and we have four kids. I remember how stuck, hopeless, and helpless I felt several years ago when I watched my strong, resilient husband slip into a 2.5 year-long depression, disabled, unable to even pick up our 1-year-old...while I carried the financial responsible for our family, feeling trapped in my body with an autoimmune disorder I developed during this stressful time.
I remember walking on eggshells every single day, terrified to upset my husband, unable to even sleep normally at night, waking up with bloody bedding from the sores I had all over my body from the autoimmune disorder I had. 

I wondered several times what it would be like to just END IT—our marriage, and even my own life.

Practices like the ones I share in this course literally saved my family, my marriage, and my life...AND breathed new life into my body and sexual aliveness. Now, I'm honored to get to share them with you and support you on your journey of healing, growth, and transformation.

What is Come Together?

Come Together is a virtual 6-week course for couples who are ready to unlock more pleasure + connection for truly healing, euphoric sex. 

Couples are guided through practices that help strengthen their foundation of trust, love, respect, deep care and communication, as well as practices that help cultivate desire, build arousal, and create a euphoric state during sex.

Navigate Conflict


Learn how to not only get through conflicts and disagreements, but grow and deepen your connection through them.

Deepen Emotional Intimacy


Experience new depths of emotional connection and intimacy that pave the way for more desire.

Heighten Shared Pleasure


Explore coupled practices that ignite your sexual energy and make your erotic experiences together more pleasurable and ecstatic.

Explore New Things Together


Learn how to begin exploring new erotic kinks and curiosities in ways that align with the values and commitments in your relationship.

Have Fun!


Rediscover the fun, anticipation, and excitement of being with each other, in and out of the bedroom.

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