Amrita, Sacred Nectar of the Gods

A beautiful experience that's still elusive to many, whether in the form of a gush ("squirting") or a creamy, milky white substance (female ejaculation). The act itself requires a depth of surrender and release many women deeply crave to experience.

In this simple yet power-packed course, you'll be guided through four phases to help your body open to + welcome the experience of this exquisite release.

This Course Is For You If You're Ready To...

Unlock a new depth of pleasure in your body

Experience new depths of surrender with your partner

Use your Amrita in sacred rituals and spiritual practices

Bonus Course Included: PVSSYFIT™ ($69 value)

A healthy, strong, supple pelvic floor makes all the difference in being able to squirt or ejaculate. To make your experience with Come Like A Goddess more comprehensive and effective, I'm also providing access to Pvssyfit, my 28-day course for improved pelvic floor strength and function.

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